Oleander is an organic based nutraceutical company that works to use the power of natural herbs, essential & carrier oils, extracts and ingredients to protect human skin, hair and health.

Our extensively researched beauty and health products protect your beauty from the exposure of harmful chemicals and products. We launched Oleander Organic in 2019 to provide people an online platform where they can consult their skin, hair and health problems and get the best organic solution to their worries.

Our aim is to provide people with the best products to enhance their self-confidence and self-esteem.

How we got started

Oleander Organic was an idea of three friends, trying to make beauty safe, organic, hygienic and halal for humans. We believe that the nature is powerful, beneficial and more beautiful than the synthetic or chemicals based cosmetics available. This idea came to our mind back in 2019 after knowing that cosmetic companies are deliberately using almost any ingredient as they wish without knowing the fact that this xyz ingredient is safe for their users or not.

In recent times, an exponential surge in cosmetic use has been observed in Pakistan, there are many reported facts about high loads of lead, mercury, copper, and others hazardous and cancerous elements in local Pakistani cosmetic brands. These pose a significant risk of causing skin diseases, such as contact dermatitis (allergic and irritant), phototoxic and photo allergic reactions, contact urticarial, and hypo/hyperpigmentation. However, possible adverse systemic effects have also been reported, eg, intoxication, lung dysfunction, and carcinogenic effects. According to a study, Skin cancer is the fifth commonest cancer across the globe accounting for approximately 5.8% of cases (melanoma being 1.6%) and an overall mortality of 0.6 to 0.7 %.

Keeping in view these facts, we made an extensive research of approximately two years on our products and select those ingredients that are organic, safe, hygienic and halal. After completing our research we launched our brand with name Oleander Organic in July, 2021.

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